By: Evelynne Rosario
Eve Lived In Hell During 18 ½ Long Years

Looking back at her life she recalls how overcoming many obstacles and risking her life she escaped from a Third World Country and her abuser.

With her 3 and 4 year-old children in tow she boarded a U.S. Army Helicopter in the middle of war, in enemy territory, determined to make it home to the United States and her 15 year-old daughter, who was living a hell of her own. 
Those 3 years in exile at a The Third World Country are just a fraction of the hell she lived during 18 1/2 excruciatingly long years. After getting beat-up, when she was 7 months pregnant, she spent 29 days in a Hospital fighting for her life. She had knives placed at her throat and slept 5 months next to the Machete with which she was threatened daily. 

After those trials, and many others, she was able to break free from the bonds of hell and 
Co-dependency, to find peace within herself.

In this book Evelynne tells it ALL

From being a poor Pastor's kid born in South Bronx,
to the 'mover and shaker' who forced New York City to invest 49 million dollars on her project,
to being an abused woman hoping to die while in exhile in a Third World Country,
to the Invincible Woman that she is today!

Take part in her journey of courage and the recovery of her self-worth
as she inspires and empowers her readers.
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