Evelynne is a 57-year-old mother of 4 children; 3 biological and 1 from the heart, and grandmother of 5.  She is a PK who consequent to making the biggest mistake of her life, turning her back on God, made many other mistakes.  She suffered the consequences, paid the price and finally managed to acquire the peace that she had been longing for during the 18 1/2 years of her 'hellish' marriage.  

Today she lives happily with her 2 younger children (ages 24 & 25 today), heads the Non-Profit Organization called Invincible Women Sorority (www.iwsorority.org) and promotes this book, which is based on her life story, and whose proceeds go to the Organization. 

Her goal is to remind her 'sisters' that they are Princesses and should be treated as such!

By: Evelynne Rosario
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